Thank God for miracles small and large

April 7, 2011

Michael saw an ad in the paper for a circulation assistant at our local library.  207335_10150207419985520_55551200519_8650805_5886605_nHe encouraged me to apply so I went down to the library and picked up an application, filled it out, and dropped it off with a cover letter and copy of my resume.  A few weeks later I was called in for an interview.  I was pleasantly surprised since I had been having such bad luck in the past.  So, I went in for my interview and I left feeling that the interview had gone well, but I was trying not to get my hopes up.  A few days after my interview my phone rang and Michael hollered up the stairs that it was the library.  He brought the phone up to me and I took the and was offered the job.  I was ecstatic!  One phone call had solved the greatest part of our worries…health insurance. 

I started working at the library in May.  The picture is from a display that I designed this month.  Once I started my job I learned that my health insurance would not start for three months after my start date.  So there would be two doctor’s visits that we would have to pay for out of pocket.  At that point we were looking on the bright side of not having to pay for the whole birth.  We set up a payment plan with the doctor’s office and hoped that we would not owe too much after the birth. 

Another phone call was a life saver.  The Wyoming Health office called to say that they had some extra grant money left over and they wanted to use it to help pay maternity bills for mothers who were uninsured.  They were going to pay $500 towards the money that we owed for those first couple of visits.  I was in Walmart when they called and I stated crying in the paper towel isle.   

Those two things were miracles for us.  I don’t know how we would have finically survived without them.  The gifts that we received from friends and family were miracle too.  I thank God for those miracles everyday!


Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!!

March 21, 2011

When I first leaned that I was pregnant I began to read about how people will offer you too much help.  The advice you don’t need, the baby items you don’t want, and so on.  IMG_3279None of this really ended up applying to me.  I thought that people were going to be pushy, but they were not.  People would always ask if we wanted something and not just push it on us. 

We got some really amazing stuff from family and friends!  If Michael and I would have gone out and bought all of the things that we got for free it would have cost us a fortune and the quality of the items would not have been as good.  We got a crib, 2 strollers (one of which is made for negative temperatures), car seat, decorations for the nursery, a changing table, diapers, tons of clothes, bottles, a rocking chair, blankets, baby carrier, stuffed animals, toys, and so much more.  All of these things were life savers for us.  They have enhanced Ben’s life so much. 

Anytime that someone tried to give us something that we already had or did not need I would just say no thanks.  There was a point where I ended up having 3 different kinds strollers.  But, I just passed the love along and gave one away on Free Cycle.  Having a baby is expensive enough without having to buy everything brand new.  If a family member or friend offers you something that you need take it.  They would not offer it if they needed it.  Then when you are done with it, if it is still in good condition, pass the love along and give it to another Mom in need.