Our Pets

Luna CitoDSCN0044

Luna is a two and a half year old border collie.  We named her after Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, but now it is short for lunatic.  She does like to look at nothing and bark, so we say that she is barking at Narggles.  Cito is the name of a mountain peak at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  She is full of energy and always on the go.  Luna’s favorite thing to do is play ball.  Long after you are tired she will keep bring the ball to you.  She is a very sweet dog and a member of the family in everyway. 

DSCN0025James Bunny

James is a Dutch rabbit that we adopted from the Colorado House Rabbit Society.  We named James after James Bond because it looks like he is wearing a tux, so it is  Bunny, James Bunny.  He about five years old.  He is a very sweet bunny boy who love to have his ears rubbed.  James loves to pull apart card board and eat fruit. 

Cocoa CuddlesDSCN0070

We bought Cocoa about a month after we were married.  She is a mini Rex and is almost six years old.  Cocoa loves to run and jump.  She is a speed demon so catching her can be a problem.  Her favorite veggie is parsley.  She loves to pull apart card board boxes and hide in them.  Cocoa is very quite and mostly likes to hang out with her husbun James. 


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