Why Imperfect Moms Are the Best Mothers

May 8, 2011

In honor of Mother’s Day, here is an article about how you do not have to be perfect to be the perfect Mom.  It is a great and fun read.  I will post about my Mother’s Day in a week.  Since I had to work today we will be celebrating Mother’s Day next weekend!

Why Imperfect Moms Are the Best Mothers



10 Sanity-Saving Gadgets for Moms

May 6, 2011

What do you think about these gadgets?  My personal favorites are the bottle holder and the sink tub.

10 Sanity-Saving Gadgets for Moms


Baby Monitor Update

April 14, 2011

Sorry there have not been any posts for a few days.  I was having some computer problems.  Since this is a very busy week I am going to post a blog recommendation.  I will try to get a “real” post up for Friday. 

One of my favorite blogs is my friend Krista’s blog Baby Monitor Update.  She types out the funny things that he son says before he goes to sleep at night or before a nap.  They are too funny!  If you are ever looking for a good laugh you should check out her blog! 


Blogs blogs everywhere

March 3, 2011

Here is a link to link_badgea ton of other great Mom blogs and tips from Circle of Moms!  Check them out!

Whether you’re a new mom, or a veteran parent, sometimes you just need some great tips on how to handle a sticky situation.


How to Read Your Baby’s Mind – Newborn Basics – New Parent – TheBump.com

March 1, 2011

This is a really cool article about how to debug your baby!  Listen to their sounds, cries, and look at their facial expressions.  A lot of these are right on.

How to Read Your Baby’s Mind – Newborn Basics – New Parent – TheBump.com.