Michael and I began dating in March of 2002 and were married in June of 2005.  He is my rock, best friend, an awesome Dad, and an amazing guy!  I got him into the wonderful world of Harry Potter and he showed me the greatness of Star Trek.  We have so much fun together! 35240_464376488988_607048988_6471584_2557720_n

Michael is the head of Product Development for Handel Information Technologies handelit.com,  in laymen’s terms he is a computer programmer.   He also has a side business called Flake Labs, flakelabs.com where he invents and blogs.  He has his B.S. in Computer Engineering and is working on his M.S. in Electrical Engineering. 

Michael loves to make his own electronics.  I have been asked several times how old Ben needs to be before he can learn to solder.  He is a big propionate of the Open Source movement.   He is extremely creative and loves to create robots, shoot off rockets, program, and do all kinds of other geeky things.  My favorite example of Michael creative geekyness is one year at Christmas he set it up so that he could turn on and off our Christmas light by sending a text message.  engrstephens.blogspot.com/twitter-light-controller


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