Three is not a crowd, but crowded

Michael let me know a few months ago that he was going to have two out of town conferences in one week.  He did not want to be away from Ben for a whole week and we did not want to be away from him.  IMG_3868So we decided that we would go with him to the second conference.  He got home on Wednesday night and we left again on Thursday.

I have never traveled over night, let along three nights, with a baby.  So I did what I always do, completely and totally over pack.  Below is a list of the over packing broken down.  None of this list includes the usual stock in the diaper bag which I also brought along.  Have any other Moms out there traveled with a baby to a hotel?  Any tips to share?

  • For three night I packed four pajamas, yes four!  There was a period where Ben would wake up every night and be wet all over so I thought one set for each night and one extra.  I use one set.
  • I packed five outfits for the trip.  One for each of the three days and then two extra.  I only used the three that I needed for each day.
  • I packed five sets of socks and used four.  He has gotten to that place where he loves to pull off his socks chew on them and then drop them on the floor.  Once on the floor of a restaurant or conference center I put on new ones. 
  • I packed him two hooded towels and four wash clothes.  I used none!!  I thought that we would try swimming in the pool so I thought I would need his towels for after and a bath.  I used the hotels and gave him a bath when we got home.
  • Not knowing how many diapers to packed I just pulled out half a box and packed that.  I used less than half of that. 
  • I brought a large pack wipes and I used maybe four wipes out of that whole pack.  I could have just used the ones in the diaper bag.
  • Not sure how many blankets I would need I packed four.  I did use three of them.  I put one on the bottom of the pack and play for Ben to sleep on and another one for him to use as a blanket.  Then I put one more on the floor and put his changing pad on it. 
  • Bottles are the thing that I needed most.  I packed 7 bottles and I only used five of them.  I also packed a huge container of formula mix.  We bought two large bottles of water to keep at room temperature to mix the bottles.  I used most of the formula and the water.

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