Baby Express

The-Polar-Express-Book-Signing-23After I left Courtney’s house I went down to our local Hasting in search of The Polar Express!  When Michael was young his family read The Polar Express every year at Christmas.  I knew that I wanted to wait to buy him a copy of  The Polar Express when I found out that I was pregnant.  I found it in the children’s department.  Then I went over to the section where they keep the pregnancy books and I sat and read about the road ahead of me.  About an hour before Michael would be home I went to the register with The Polar Express and two pregnancy books.

I went home and went into out guest room, which would soon become a nursery.  I sat with the book and wrote a letter to the sweet baby growing inside of me.  I put the book into a bag with some tissue paper and waited for Michael.  When he came home I handed him the bag.  He pulled out the book and smiled and said thanks.  I told him to open the book.  He opened it and started reading.  Then he looked up at me when he figured out what he was reading, I will never forget the look on his face.  I shook my head yes and smiled at him.  And in that minute everything was perfect!


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