It Takes Two

The best person that you can rely on for help is Daddy.  My husband reminds me all the time that he is here to help.155580_122174124512407_100001594613633_154058_1798496_n  As a mother you can often think that it is up to you alone to take care of your child, well it is not.  It took two people to make a baby and it takes two people to raise a baby.  You can get over whelmed easily.  You can always ask them to get you a bottle, take the baby, or even change a diaper. 

My husband is amazing.  Michael and I often refer to ourselves as Team Stephens and parenting has made that team even stronger.  As I write this he is feeding and burping Benjamin.  He is great about taking Benjamin when I ask and when he knows that I need a break. 

Not everyone has another person by their side to help them.  If you are fortunate enough to have someone there to help you, let them. 


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