One of the things that is offered to new parents the most is free food!!63022_499064148988_607048988_7333814_2376011_n  Both people at Michael’s work and my work signed up to bring us meals after we had Benjamin.  Before I got put on bed rest I did not think that I was going to take people up on the offer of food, but after more than two months of having mostly frozen meals, spaghetti, and fast food we were both ready for some real food. 

The food that we got was amazing!!  Our friends really stepped up to the plate and made us some awesome food.  We got home made, take out, and oven bake foods.  We knew what days people were bringing us food in advance and it was great to have yummy food that we did not have to make.  Michael especially enjoyed steak fajita night!

In talking to a lot of Moms they say that food and diapers are the biggest thing that you can do to help.  They are so busy with their new little one that making dinner quickly becomes an after thought.  If you know a new Momma offer to bring over a nice homemade meal or even some take out.  It is one less thing for her to have to worry about. 


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