Bed What???

In my third trimester I heard two horrible words from my doctor…BED REST!  I will give more information on that later.  149194_122174101179076_100001594613633_154054_159299_nI knew that I still had so much to get ready for Benjamin.  I was freaking out.  Michael works 40 hours a week and there is only so much that he can do to help. 

Michael’s Mom and Grandma offered to come up and help around the house.  At first I wasn’t sure.  I didn’t want to put them out.  They told us both that they all just really wanted to help.  So I finally said yes. 

Thank God for their help.  Those two ladies did a ton for us.  They washed all of Benjamin’s new baby clothes, the rest of our laundry, dusted, swept, mopped, painted the blue wall in Ben’s room, and a whole bunch of other things.  They even bought us new curtains for the living room and Benjamin’s room.  There is no way that we would have been able to get everything done without them. 


One Response to Bed What???

  1. betty obst says:

    There’s nothing quite like family, is there Jewls? So happy you have them out there with you. Uncle Bill and I went to Florida when we were married and lived there for about a year or so. It was very hard being a new mother without family or friends to rely on, but we made it.

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