Sleep Over

One of Michael’s co-workers offered to take Benjamin over night so that we could get a really good night’s sleep.  When Michael first told me about the offer and I not sure.  As much  168997_142313489165137_100001594613633_273331_1786341_nas I wanted a good night’s sleep I was worried.  Finally I gave in and said yes.

The closer the day came the more I started dreading it.  I was not looking forward to being away from my sweet little man.  Then before I knew the day had arrived.  I had to work that Saturday so I only got to spend about two hours with Ben the whole day.  After I got after work we packed him up and took him over.  I gave him a ton of hugs and kisses and then we were off.

It took me a while to loosen up but I did eventually did.  We went to the next city over and went out to dinner, I bought a new phone and purse, then we had the most delicious brownie dessert.  We drove home and got an amazing night’s sleep.

We both missed our little man and talked about him a lot, but it was a fantastic night.  We need a night to get out and get away.  The sleep was good too.  I am glad that we trusted them.  They really enjoyed having a baby around the house, and said they would love to take Benjamin again.  I think that Ben had a good time too. 


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