One-thousand and one nights

When you choose a theme for your child’s room you should choose something that has meaning to you.  It will make putting together the room so much more meaningful.IMG_3758  You should make sure that both parents will feel happy being in the room.  If your theme is something that is near and dear to your heart you get to share that with your child. 

You will be spending countless hours in your child’s room, you want to make sure that you are confortable in it.  After our son was born we were waking up between two and three times a night with him.  Each time we were up for at least half an hour, sometimes longer.  Having a theme that we both enjoy makes spending time in the room great.  We both really enjoy spending time in Benjamin’s room and are proud of the way it turned out!

Some friend’s of our are huge hockey fans and love the Colorado Avalanche.  They decorated their son’s room with hockey players, pucks, and painted the Avalanche foot and A on the wall.  Space and rockets are really important to Michael and I think they are pretty cool too!  When you have a theme that you love it shows the parent’s personality. 

Anyone want to share what their nursery theme is and why they choose it? 


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