Children grow so quickly that when you choose a theme for your nursery you need to choose something that will last.  Before you know it your sweet little baby will be a big boy/girl and not want to have a “baby” room.  You don’t want to have to re-do the room that you spent so much time and money on when your child turns two. 

148506_10150134962729689_570384688_7756506_6679148_nAt first we wanted to have a baby Snoopy theme  Michael and I had talked about having that as a theme for years.  We eventually decided against that because that is something that we would have to change it when he became a big boy.  We wanted a theme that would last him a lot longer.  Space was a great theme for that reason.

As time passes you will want to makes changes in the room, but small ones are better than large ones.  We can always change things in the room, add a rug,  get new bedding, or take down a poster.  This way we can change things up without having to redo the whole room.  So choose a theme that will last and will grow with your little one!


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