Make your own mobile

I looked everywhere for a space themes mobile that I liked and could not find one anywhere.  I spent hours on-line looking on Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, and other places trying to find a mobile that I liked.  76828_10150134914594689_570384688_7755536_2020380_nThe only one that I sort of liked was $70.00 and then was out of stock. 

There was only one thing that I could do, make my own.  I got the idea when I was in a local toy store.  They had a kit where you could paint the planets and make a mobile.  On a trip to Hobby Lobby I found an even better kit. It was an educational light with the eight planets (we miss you Pluto!) and the sun in the middle.  You would hang the light on the ceiling and the planets radiate out from the sun in the middle.  Then I picked up a jungle themes mobile at garage sale.  I was ready.

I cut the jungle animals off of the mobile, I washed them and now they are cute stuffed animals.  The planets were all ready to hang.  I used some silver ribbon like string to hang the planets.  The planets and the mobile each had a place built in to easily tie the ribbon.  It took less than ten minutes to do the whole thing.  

The best part is that the mobile will grow with Benjamin.  Right now I have the planets hanging very low so that he can see them and touch them.  As he gets older I can shorten the stings and raise them.  When Ben out grows the mobile all together I will use it as the light.  We spent around $40 and got a great mobile and a light.  The best part of the whole project was when Benjamin really noticed his mobile for the first time.  He smiled up at and made my heart melt. 


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