Ohhh Poop!

As Michael and I were finishing out Benjamin’s room we knew that we were missing a very diaper genieimportant part…a diaper holder.  I knew that I wanted something that had a heavy lid on it.   Luna, our border collie, gets into everything and I did not want to clean up that mess.  I had read a ton of reviews on-line about the Diaper Genie.  I had heard a lot about them but I wanted to read for myself.  I found out that the Diaper Genie II is the best model for the money, pictured left.   It has a foot pedal that opens the top, you drop the diaper in and you are done.  My husband was not convinced, even after all of my research.  So off to Wal-Mart we went to buy a trash can.  Once we were in the trash can isle we quickly leaned that the price of a good trash can (medal with a foot pedal) was more than a Diaper Genie II.  So I got my Diaper Genie!! 

I am pretty happy with it.  It is easy to use and really does contain the smell.   My only complaint is that when the bag is getting low you have to use everything that is left.  The bags are really one long tube.  You pull part of the tube down, tie a knot at the end and you are ready to go.  When that part of the tube is full you use the cutting tool and tie it off at the top.  Then you pull down the tube and tie it off again.   So, many times I end up having the bag sitting next to the it trying to use every last inch. 

How do other Moms deal with dirty diapers?  What works and what doesn’t?


One Response to Ohhh Poop!

  1. we used the genie until it fell over and broke, then switched to a trash can, had to keep the dog out of it, that is a huge mess to clean up, poopy diaper all over the house several times, not fun…now just use the trash can, and its stinky, but oh well…we are almost done with diapers! yay!

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