I see a crib and I want it painted blue

When we had our son money was a little tight.  We tried to save any place that we could.  A really great friend of ours gave us their son’s old crib.  It was a really great solid crib.  77118_10150134083774689_570384688_77[2]Since the main color in Ben’s room is blue we decided to pain the crib blue.  Now when I say we what I really mean is me. 

I took a look at the crib and thought this can’t be that hard, I can totally paint a crib.  Michael was not so positive about the process.  He just wanted to buy and new one and not worry about it.  I was confident that I could do it and I told him that he would not have to do anything.  So I began the process.  I started sanding the crib.  I sanded the crib in the garage, with the door open, while wearing a mask.  I got one of the large side with the bars done.  I thought that the project was going pretty well. 

Then I got put on bed rest.  No more work on the crib.  Michael, my wonderful husband, took up the task.  He finished the sanding, primed it and, painted the crib.  He was amazing!!  The funny thing is that he was putting the finishing touching on the crib the day before Benjamin was born.


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