It’s all about the shoes!!

It is not news that women love shoes.  When you get pregnant your feet may76995_10150123942064689_570384688_7590846_6138528_n change.  My feet grew somewhere between a half and a whole size.  This did not happen until I hit my second trimester.  Since I am on my feet at my job I noticed pretty quickly that there was a change.  I tried on all of my shoes with no relieve.  My gracious husband even gave me a foot massage to no end. 

There are two things that I found that really helped me.  First my sister told me to put my feet up when I was home.  This is was huge help.  We have a reclining couch and I found out that I needed to put my feet up for about an hour every day.  If we went somewhere after I got home from work my feet would be screaming in a couple of hours.  The second thing is Crocs.  These rubber shoes were a life saver.  I wore nothing but Crocs for my second and third trimester.  I would tell people if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant to go buy a recliner and some Crocs. 

I will tell you to be careful in Crocs.  I stepped on a nail that went into my foot when I was in my Crocs.  I had to go get a tetanus booster at 8:00 pm the night before my baby shower.  My husband was not very happy with me. 

I know that not all Moms have swelling in their feet.  My sister-in-law wore heals though both of her pregnancies.  My feet did go back to their normal size a few weeks after I delivered.  I have heard tales of women whose feet actually grew during pregnancy and stayed that way. 


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