No matter if you call them yard, garage, rummage, or tag sales they can be a life saver.  The summer before I had my son I went out to garage sales and bought almost everything that I needed.  154663_122174097845743_100001594613633_154053_7593464_nIn all, that summer I think that I spent about $250.  I bought two swings, a bouncer, high chair, pack and play, baby backpack, stroller, bassinet, tummy time mat, bouncer, two bath tubs, towels, wash cloths, toys, books, and more clothes than I could count.  Everything that I got was in great shape and good quality.  I was even able to find some maternity clothes.  I was able to get better brands at garage sale than if we would have bought things new.  Bring a friend with you that is a mother, they will be able to help you get what you need.  My favorite buy was a set of lights with moons, stars, and comets there is no way that I would have found if it was not for garage sales!

Second hand stores are another great place to go if garage sales are out of season.  A great place to check out is Once Upon A Child, Also ask if your town has a FreeCycle.  That is a group where people will list items that they no longer need and then give them away. 

There are some people who will tell you that you need to buy everything new.  This is not true.  One of the best things about getting things that are used is that it is green.  Reusing things  it is a greener option!  So be a bargain hunter!!

Next Mommy Tip: The library isn’t just books anymore!


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