PJ s

180462_138899036173249_100001594613633_254279_2793829_nSo my very first bit of Mommy wisdom is going to be about PJs.  When it comes to little ones and PJs always go with the zipper.  When I was pregnant with Ben I bought a few sets of PJs that were so cute I could hardly stand it.  Then the time came for him to wear these and most of them have snaps.  So after I would grab his wiggling legs, arms, hand, and feet and get them all into the right place I would stand there with that Mommy smile and say “Look at that cute baby!”  Let me tell you he was cute, until about two in the morning.  You all know the two am feeding.  You are deep asleep having a great dream  and then you hear your little start to cry.  So you climb out of your nice warm bed and go into their room.  You pick up your sweet little one, who is hungry and not very happy, put them down on the changing table and put on a new diaper.  The PJs are easy to open just pull all those snaps apart in one big pull.  Pull off the old diaper and put on a new one.  Now in your half asleep state you have to try and operate those snaps.  You need to make sure that you line up each one in the right place and then ensure that they snap together.  I would stand there for several minutes mentally cursing my cute outfit as I attempted to get to put back together correctly.  My husband, being the time saver, would snap just enough.  So in short…no snaps on PJs for the little ones. 

Tomorrow: Garage Sales and why they ROCK!!


One Response to PJ s

  1. Michael says:

    Not to mention when you sleep on your arm and its waking up. Manipulating snaps out of the question when that happens.

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